I’m Angela Brisbane.
After growing up with domestic abuse and having relationships that were abusive I was finally able to break free, cease all contact with abusive people in my life and finally live a life based on what I wanted. 
When someone tries to control every aspect of you, what you think, feel, want, its very hard to live a life of your dreams because you’ve always been told you’re wrong. You loose yourself. You have no idea who you are or what you want. It’s debilitating for victims. You’re frozen with fear, you feel sick ALL the time. 
Now that I am FREE and SAFE from the abusers in my life, now that I know who I am, now that I know who they really are my life has completely changed.
I love my life and I want to show you how you can love YOUR life!
Life Alchemist. Guiding you to consciously create a life you love.
A life you never want to escape.
A life based on your truest dreams, passions and desires.
Divine Feminine Wisdom Guide. Empowering you to reconnect & reawaken your divine feminine nature.
To realise you are the physical manifestation of the Goddess in her many & varied glorious forms.
ArtistI create soulful, intuitive art.
Art is a powerful healer, it connects you to your innate feminine power to create. My art heals, brings joy and brightens others life and the world.
I invite you to join this playful Sacred Feminine Circle of other like minded women and learn how to live a joyful, radiant life.
I LOVE learning and sharing my knowledge with others. I have been studying all my life and it is just now that I am learning to trust my self and the channelled information that has always come to me so naturally.
I am now stepping up to help women, and children.  To support the change that is happening in the world. To honour the feminine, the Goddess and see the beauty and the power in feminine nature and qualities. To reconnect to the Divine feminine and her sacred wisdom.

I also love spending lots of time having fun with my gorgeous family at the beach, I love watching TV series, I’m an introvert that loves learning and teaching. Although my Leo Sun sign means I also like to express my inner rock star by using Periscope & YouTube.

I’ve seen “The Rolling Stones” & my all time favourite “Bob Dylan” I love blues-rock music and eating sorbet!

Some of the things I have studied:
At 12 years old my Mum bought me my first set of Tarot cards. I have been collecting them, studying them, then oracle cards every since.
Swedish & Remedial Massage. 1999.
I have a certificate in Tarot reading. 2001
Around 14 years old I studied and received my Level 1 in Reiki. In my 20’s I again did my Level 1 & 2 training in 2003.
Heal Your Life Achieve your Dreams Workshop Leader Training. 2004
I did Doreen Virtues in person course and received my Angel Intuitive Certification. 2005
Abbotts School of New age studies. Spiritual & Psychic Development course Certificate & Angel contact & Meditation workshop. 2005.
Diploma of Counselling & Communication. Australian College of Applied Psychology 2005. I studied:
    Counselling skills, counselling methods, interpersonal skills, conflict management, crisis intervention, family & relationship counselling, alcohol & other drug counselling, mental health issues, social; legal & ethical issues. Couples Communication Instructor training. 2004.
PAHT Practitioner from Crystalis Institute in person run by Naisha Ahsian. 2006
From 2008-2009 I studied Neuro Energetic Kinesiology with Hugo Tobar.
    Chakra Hologram 1&2
    Celestial Chakra Hologram
    The genetic I Ching Hologram
    Chakra Metaphors
    Neural Emotional Pathways 1-3
    Neurotransmitter Hologram
    Brain Hologram A, B, C
    Immune & Vaccination Pathways 1&2
    Hormone Hologram 1&2
    Nutritional & Biochemical Pathways
Cranial Kinesiology 1, 2, 3.
Holographic Muscle Monitoring & Attitude with Essence Workshop
Level 1&2 Aura Soma
Since then I have continued to do a lot of self study. I love my books, they contain so much wisdom and knowledge. I am deep into the study of feminism, and Shaktism, Goddesses and the Divine Feminine.
I am also studying to get a certificate in Astrology and to become a Sanskrit Mantra teacher.
I believe that when we study, whether it is “metaphysical” or practical things like science that we need to have a good, grounded logical understanding of the subject then you need to live it. Bring it into your life and have an intuitive understating of it. Your own understanding.
I find with many “metaphysical” type courses the teachers completely leave out any logical teaching. For example with lots of Tarot courses you’ll get “just use your intuition”. Each Tarot card has a logical meaning that has been around for 100’s of years. They have symbols that mean something as well. You could read the Tarot exclusively with an intellectual understanding of the cards.
Others will say things like “I don’t learn from books”, “I learn everything intuitively” That might be fine for some people but I like to have a good balance. My brain needs to, wants to understand it in a way that I can talk about it, I want an intellectual understanding of what I am studying. As well as having an internal, intuitive knowing and that is the way I teach all of my workshops & trainings.